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  • “Are We There Yet?”
  • Brain Games
    • Many lessons can be created collecting this data on the various ways our brains work. From games to learn about our brain and nervous system to games that show how the brain sends mixed messages to reaction time games to precognition challenges, this site is full of fun learning activities for your classroom!
  • Growing With Technology
  • Internet. Field Trips
    • are guided tours to the best of classroom-appropriate Web sites. Each field trip provides quick suggestions for using targeted Web sites to teach a specific topic. Within each area you’ll find field trips in an alphabetical list of the following topics:Children’s Literature, Language Arts, K-2, Math , Science, and Social Studies.
  • Spelling it Right – Learn to Spell Confidently
  • Switcheroo Zoo!
    • Switch the animals’ heads, legs and tails to make new creatures. Then use the new animal image as a writing prompt. at this surrealistic virtual zoo. Teachers say it is great for imaginative language work where students name the new animals they create, describe the habitats in which they live, describe how they move and what they eat – the possibilities are endless.
  • Teddy Bear Magic Cards
  • Thematic Units
    • Browse free unit studies. Each unit study contains 6-8 lessons, plus worksheets, answer sheets, and book resources. These are from the Home School Learning Network.
  • Thematic Units For Primary Grades